Artists Project (Offer in French)

This program was made especially for the artists and cultural workers in Montérégie.

 The Artists Project offer you to:

Restart your activity

  • To transform it or leave it
  •  Or simply just think about your future


 We are proposing a active help with an personalise and respectful approach to:

  • Help you analyze your current situation
  • Identify the obstacles and brakes to the development of your career
  • Explore with you many professional, clear and realistic professional paths
  • Create an action plan adapted to push your career forward
  • All of that during efficient and confidential individual meetings

 The following elements are at your availability to let you built a new professional project or reinvest in your current situation:

  • Individual meetings
  • Skills assessment
  • Exploration
  •  Targeted researches
  •  Documentation
  • Brainstorming
  • Advices 

Evaluation Meeting 

A first meeting to establish the contact and evaluate your admissibility to the program



Weekly individual meeting during 12 weeks 


Follow-up period (if needed) 

Individual weekly meeting, if needed, during 8 weeks



For more information or to receive one of our services, please contact us by phone or by email.